"Sweet serving"

Mango longan for dessert after eating Middle East food with my family for dinner.
The food was so nice, I was busy eating so I didn't take too many shots- only this dessert when I finally slowed down.

"The diva march"

Hanging out with my friends and dance all night long is so much fun.
Taken at Jln Sultan Ismail on a Friday night.

"Celebrating a sister"

These twenty red roses were bought for 13ringgit.
They are sold untreated, along with the leaves and the verrry long stalks.
After a fun time plucking away the leaves and cutting the stalks together with mom,
and also the experience of having my fingers bleed being pierced by the thorns,
We put these twenty roses nicely in a glass vase to surprise my sister who was sleeping, after the jet lag back from New Zealand.


Mr Rainbow Man said...

not bad, a very nice life!

::airswift:: said...

yeah.. as long as i am aware that i can handle stuff and as long as i dont get carried away, then life would be good.