happy chi new year everyone...!

Most of us were granted four days for a long weekend, this CNY.

On Wednesday, after work, apart of the distant sound of fireworks, I had a peaceful evening to myself. Took a shower after applying papaya body scrub, and then wore the only pair of pyjamas that I have now (was given by mom for my birthday). I went straight to bed at six, after applying peppermint lotion to my feet.

At ten, I woke up and met dear dear Z. We had a good dinner in a fancy place in Subang. Can’t remember the name, but the shop was at SS15, across Old Town Kopitiam.

Thursday was good. I spent the whole day with a good friend who is also my good colleague. It was very good company, knowing that all of our friends are on their holiday and Damansara felt quite quiet.

Today I had lunch with the same friend, and after that I spent the whole afternoon with myself. Nothing productive, except that I managed to practice two trumpet studies, with my trumpet and it’s mute. Most of the time I played rubbish- playfully finding the notes of “Fly Me to the Moon” and “How Deep is Your Love”.

No integrity.

Tomorrow after my medical check up, I am going to lock myself inside the house and do my Hummel. After that should be two more studies and one Arban study.


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