Something had given me quite a slap on the face recently.

I made it mean that I am not a considerate neighbour, being foolish, and I felt terrible.

What happened? A notice was written and posted at the ground floor level. In caps, with red pen.


Now I see that closing all doors and windows is not enough to stop my trumpet sound travelling outside the apartment.

I take what happened is a breakdown towards both of my possibilities- the possibility of bringing peace to people (certainly people were not peaceful when they can hear my trumpet playing) and the possibility of being a trumpet player (my schedule can be disrupted here).

I put it aside first, and I am thinking of what are ways to restore this.

Should I get up really early and practice my trumpet in the office instead? That’s one option.
Should I just play my trumpet using the cup mute to mute the sound? That’s another option.

I inquired my trumpet tutor about this, and he gave me green light on using the mute.
It won’t affect my practice quality, and it will keep the neighbours happy.

Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You practise your trumpet senza sordini? Hahaha!!! Now you know how thin the walls are.

By the way, what level are you in classical music? Diploma or Bachelor degree already? Master's right?

::airswift:: said...

i have no level yet.
embarassing huh?
i'm planning to get grade 5 this year.

Casey said...

dear airswift, i suggest using a silent brass which is readily available although you have to put some cash into it. It does keep you practicing alot more while maintaining your harmonious neighbours. :) Cheers and keeo it up. You are doing great!!!

An Angel