As I go through more experience in relating myself to people, I have learnt a few things.

These are the three characteristics that people refer me as, and I admit there is truth in it-

I am easily influenced, sensitive and I think too much.

And these three beings are actually related to each other.

I can now use my character so as to bring benefit to myself and the rest. But at other times, I can be aware to stop using them if they won’t make things any better.

It’s so easy, when you know yourself more.

On the other hand, I am also a person who has a sharp tongue.
I rarely use it, but if I do, it stops me from retaining peace between myself and the rest, when I simply say things with no intention of making things better.

Rather than fight fire with fire, it’s better to deal fire with water- it doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong in the situation. Both contradicting opinions have its own truth, in fact.

If I want to prove a point, I should listen and understand the other person’s world first.
There's no point of me bellowing at the other person, only to prove that I’m right, because the relationship itself is at stake. Well, I can still snap at people- but you know, that'll give another impact that I might don't want.

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ZEYN said...


it seems that we do share the three characteristics that you've stated.

not so soure whether i have a sharp tongue though. :)

have a wonderful Sunday.