accidents and accidentals

Yesterday, Friday night, me and my two friends were heading home from a club. It had just rained and the road was slippery.

One huge SUV seemed to have rolled a few times and landed at the side of the road, the windscreen was shattered and a lot of broken parts of the vehicle was all over the place. There were police and ambulance at the scene.

After a few minutes driving, we saw another small car upside down, and again there were a lot of people helping.

And as I biked home from my friend's house, I saw another car, already skidded and made a huge billboard go down.

It's quite disturbing to see three freak accidents for just one night.


Remember the audition that I attended last week?
I went for the orchestra rehearsal today.
Feels different- the notes were not that much, not as frequent as solo or wind orchestra pieces,
but they are no less difficult.
The key signature is a bit weird and sometimes trumpets will have to transpose.
The rests are like 20 or 30 bars, and you'll get confused on where to start playing and sometimes there are no cues to enter.

But nevertheless, it's fun!

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