After having fun with my friends in a club in KL, we stopped by the roadside, following the crowd, witnessing the scene of an accident on the highway towards Damansara.

It was about half an hour after the horrible incident took place.

Death is a certainty.
It kept me think again, how do I want to use my life given to me.

Do I want to catch my last breath thinking that I only filled up my life with drama and more drama-

or do I want to contribute and also be a successful person before I die.

So that when I close my eyes, I knew it was all worthwhile.

May the deceased rest in peace.

NST- PETALING JAYA: Crash victim Mohd Firdaus Laily tried to pull his younger brother and friend out of their wrecked car but could only watch in horror as the vehicle caught fire and exploded.

Mohd Huzaini Mohd Anan, 30, and Mohd Ridzuan Laily, 21, both from Seremban, died in the 3.50am accident on the Sprint Highway here yesterday.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel extricated their bodies four hours later.

Mohd Firdaus was in the front passenger seat. They were travelling towards Damansara.

However, as their vehicle reached Eastin Hotel along the highway, it spun and crashed into the road barrier before plunging down to the road beside the viaduct.

Mohd Firdaus managed to get out and tried to save his brother but failed as Mohd Ridzuan was stuck in the passenger seat behind the driver, Mohd Huzaini.

It is learnt that Mohd Huzaini's feet were stuck at the pedals and Mohd Firdaus could not dislodge him from the driver's seat. He was forced to run for safety when the bonnet burst into flames. Seconds later, the car exploded and Mohd Huzaini and Mohd Ridzuan were burnt to death.

It is understood that both Mohd Huzaini and Mohd Ridzuan were business partners.

They had met at KL Sentral, together with Mohd Firdaus, before heading towards Damansara for a meal.

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