the concert KLPaC

Regardless that I was tangled with a lot of disappointments last week, there are events which made me remember again that I can always get something good if I am willing to be in action to direct myself towards it.

After nights of rehearsals, the KLPaC orchestra did perform well during the July concert. Some music experts view it as “there is a lot of space of improvement”, but I personally enjoyed the performance, and I’ve gain a lot from it.

This was the first performance that I had to be really confident and be in the limelight, since the main song featured us as the brass players, especially for the trumpets and the trombones. There is no space for me to hide myself, I needed to be bold, and out there showing myself in what I play.

During the rehearsals, thanks to the piano solo / educator,
I pretty much learned a lot about how we can reflect the character of the composer Beethoven through his piano concerto.

Beethoven was a very decisive person. When he decides something, he is bold, and he doesn’t care about what the rest might think of him. He is not scared of extreme contrasts in his music, and experimenting chords which would be strange during that era.

It was a nice concert. I’m proud that my name was listed amongst the others in the program book.

And yeah, I’m looking for more achievements in life.

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