a change

Here is where I am now.
I could just go on feeling discouraged and do nothing,
or I can just allow this feeling, but still move on.

At least that was what intended by my friends-
To leave me spend my time alone to contemplate, learn, and grow up.


Last week I've decided to create a change-
to meet those straight old classmates of my batch in a reunion-
after ten years not seeing them.

I am so touched that they all shook hand and hugged me with a smile.
Apparently we've forgiven the fast.

After the dinner, we decided to eat supper at the mamak shop.
And I am surprised that we all do have common things to talk about.
We talk like grown ups- the country's policy, the responsiblity in our jobscopes, Malaysian mentality- it varies inside a context that I rarely talk about lately.

I had a great time!