expanding my music interest

It started when I saw that few of my cousins- boys and girls, showed off their talent during the jam gathering at my aunt’s place.

I was interested, and with the ample time given, I’ve decided to learn a second instrument- the guitar.

So I went to a music shop in Bukit Jalil and they’ve got good deals.
The owner of the shop is such an inspiration- he’s a hardworking lad-
Collected the capital money on his own, started off the music shop, and then a music school, and then he also has a jam studio.

My new baby is a Valencia three quarter sized (just nice for me) classical guitar.

The first day I learned the chords, I was really close to regret- never did I know that pressing the frets on the left finger was that painful, especially for beginners.

Now it gave me a whole new view on all string players- now I know that it’s not easy and needs a lot of discipline and determination, but it also gives satisfaction. Salute to them!

But I was motivated by these words told by a friend-

To learn music is a journey, so enjoy it rather than pushing yourself forward too fast.

First day playing the guitar was me trying to place my fingers awkwardly, and I was happy enough that I could get chord C.

Second day playing was me inside my dad’s car at the back seat, on the way to Perak for Raya Haji. The guitar is a three quarter, so it could be played even in a car! My brother is a bassist, and he taught me how to get used to the basic chords. He also told me all sorts of interesting experience that he had while learning and playing his bass guitar.

And now, the first week, after telling a friend, he was also interested to buy one! He bought a Sukami acoustic, with a very unique color and shape. And I am so happy to see him so happy knowing now that he can also become a musician, with his very first instrument!

So now we are guitar practice buddies, and I’ve already roughly can play:

Kenangan Terindah (Samsons)
Pergilah Sayang (Ella and Korie)
Pejam Matamu (Siti Nurhaliza)
Terlalu Cinta (Rossa)
Ada Apa Denganmu (Peter Pan)

And the list grows..

Fun as it is, yes, to take a second instrument has its own responsibility too.
I will devote my full attention to both instruments, with two different focuses-
As a beginner with the guitar, and as a seasoned player with the trumpet.

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