a night of good music

December 20th, 2008.
Sekolah Sri Cempaka hall.
PJ Youth Wind Symphony Christmas concert.
(this wind orchestra consists of some of the prominent wind instrumentalists locally)

I was quite envious when they had the slide show of their photos,
years together as a team. Among all the performances that I've got involved in,
I think playing in the wind orchestra is the best.

Not only it's good music, it's also the closeness among the players that made me like the wind orchestra very much. The repertoire is also neither too heavy, nor too pop. And inside playing in a wind orchestra, there are so many possibilities. The song varies in a huger range compared to live band, symphony or pop orchestra.

The concert starts with the PJ Youth, playing one song with a few movements.
Entrance was really loud, dynamics and tone was perfect.
From my interpretation, this piece tells about various types of areas around the globe- the rain forest, the ocean, the rural areal, and the city.

Next was the Old Boys Old Girls Wind Symphony from Singapore, playing one song as a tribute for Leroy Anderson, and one Japanese piece which is super-catchy, super-nice, it's my favourite of the night.

After the interval, both teams combined and played a set of Christmas songs.
The best arrangement was Christmas Song, I would love to listen to it again and again. And there is also the classic Sleigh Ride, it brings back memories, since the boys of my school orchestra have the recording of the exact piece- played by Nakamura Gakuen Girls' High School Wind Orchestra from Japan.

I am not only entertained but I really really enjoyed this concert by PJ Youth.
Besides delivering perfect high quality wind symphony music,
It made me remembered those wind orchestra days in the past.

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