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It’s a conflict that has happened since years ago and there’s still no end to it.
Growing up as a teenager in Malaysia, I am so accustomed to our mindset of thinking that the Jews as our eternal enemy, and it felt as if it’s blasphemous to even talk about them. Reminds me of Voldermort.

After all, it’s already written in the holy book that we should be cautious of them, and the others who are our enemies.

And then there came a phase where I got to know more friends of not from the same race.
And then entered the freedom of access to unlimited information, called the internet.

Being me, who sometimes like to go in contradict with the society,
I had this urge to know more about the conflict of Israel/Palestine.
It’s kind of interesting, how come we end up hating them so much?

Through asking around and surfing the net,
Indeed I got a cocktail of information variety.

Close friends emphasized that regardless that the issue is viewed in 1001 ways,
It’s inevitable that the prophecy is stated in the Koran, and it couldn’t be avoided.

Few more friends, (one is from Singapore) told me that there was once in history, a Moslem country offered sanctuary for the Jews, and they lived for a quite a few years, in harmony.

I really like what Tun Mahathir said in his, emphasizing that the source of the conflict is not about religion, but political, when the Europe decided to declare a strip of land to be given to the Jews, and leave the mess to the Arabs.

He also said that, “true, good brains can make a strong powerful country, but good brains without ethics will create a monster”.

I myself cannot totally side either of the two.
I believe that in a war, both sides could be wrong.

Once, a Chinese friend who is currently learning Arabic, said to me-
“I thought that the term Assalamualaikum is religious.
But as I learn this, and talked to other Arabic speakers around the world,
It’s a common thing to greet this way regardless of your religion.”

I surfed the net and I only saw one or two opinions saying that this act is forbidden,
Based on the prophet saying-

“Do not give salam to the Christians and the Jews. And if you see them in front of you, push them away to the narrow lanes.”

However, one must be aware that this was said during the war, when Islam received threat from outsiders.

There is also a verse from the holy book-
“When someone gives you a greeting, reply it even in a better way.”

Islam does not practice cruelty beyond reason.
Although it is very stern in applying the compulsory rules, but it is also flexible.
True that we must always be cautious when it comes to things that might give a bad impact to our faith, but why must we create enemies instead of trying to leave in a peaceful world?

Jews, Palestine, the strip of land, and my different way of thinking about this-
There is a reason why God created everything in this world.
And some reasons are left unknown.

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