Apparently these few days I've got so many small annoying problems that might make my life feel difficult.

I went to the nearest TMPoint from my office, which took me half an hour to travel under the hot sun, and waited for a few hours- just to be told that I can't subscribe internet just yet because my apartment address is not detected by the system. I'll have to wait for a few days, (not confirmed), til the technical people can verify that the internet service is available in my area.

I've got trouble with housekeys.
The former housemate couldn't turn up at the moment to return the keys,
the new housemate needed the keys so I duplicate a new set for him.
The duplicated set was not a perfect copy, he couldn't open the door.
My other housemate informed me and he had to lend his own keys.
In the end, everyone started to get upset.

And my phone 3G line was barred the same day they send an sms to inform that my bill is ready to be paid. And it will take three working days for my online payment to be effective, so that they can reconnect my line.

Like, what the??

Okay, I'm giving up being attached to these trivial problems, because they do occur in life.

Face the fact that problems will always continuously happen in life.
Accepting it with an open heart, and you'll be alright.

Definitely there will a time that you fall back into feeling bad,
and you accept the situation again. The faster you accept it, the quicker you'll cope with it.

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