a weekend getaway, february 2009

The journey towards the vacation destination is quite longwinding.
We passed by paddy fields, palm oil estates, a few rivers, and finally went up and down the hilly roads in a forest, before arriving at this isolated treasure.

I post here few of the nice shots I've got during the holiday escapade.

Here is the room where I chuck my stuff and where I knock off after a whole day fun.

The view from the room balcony- a man made waterfall, going down towards the pool.

The best part of this weekend trip is the abundance of delicious food.
I was really stuffing myself!

First breakfast-
Chicken ham, cheese, baked beans..

And some pastries, yogurt and cornflakes.

Lunch starts with a whole plate of tidbits,

A bowl of mee bandung,

And rice with vege and meat. Also chendol for desert.

On the last day we had brunch, and the volume is really like a combination of breakfast and lunch. I took whatever they got, except the fried mee and nasi lemak.

As for dinner, on the first day we ate fried rice with Perak dish of catfish in sambal, salted fish in tempoyak, and various kinds of raw salad.

The final dinner for the trip was a buffet, and I got to eat two slices of sirloin steak, and a slice of barbequed lamb chop, on one plate. I pour a bowl of mushroom sauce on top of it. Sinful! (didn't take photo because enjoyed eating too much and the night is too dark. Lol)

So, what did I do in a hotel resort?

I dipped and swam in the pool on both days...

And while enjoying my sirloin steak + lamb chop, I enjoyed some entertainment-
a pirate costume competition. I tell you, their attire were really elaborate.

The pirate men..

The pirate ladies.

And I didn't miss the chance strollin' by the beach.
At high tide, the wind was so strong.
It was a beautiful scene by the beach.

So, yeah, enjoyed my weekend a lot.


Anonymous said...

Wah! The place looks serene and beautiful. Where is it again?

::airswift:: said...

This place is Lumut in Perak..
Looks "untouched" huh? :P