encouragement discouragement

There were times when overweight people were once inspired to go for that ideal body.
They worked out and they took care of their diet.
But after a while, instead of recieving good encouragement and understanding,
they were expected to continue and after a while they gave up, not because that there’s no improvement, but the level of progress didn’t match with the public’s cynical expectation.
They ended up miserable and fat and unhealthy at the same time.

In another story, there was a very happy family; the parents were really understanding and supportive. On the night after celebrating their son’s graduation, he shot everyone and it was discovered that his graduation was a total lie . He tried to live up with his family’s expectations by faking his life, and in the end he was left with regret and pure hate to them.

A dear new friend told me something which is something refreshing-

“ No one has the right to urge on what you are supposed to do.
How you plan your life, is totally on your own prerogative.

The main thing is whether you are happy,
and you yourself know when to create the urgency if you want to.

A good advice with a good intention is always short and sweet.
Do it repetitively and it is a constant nag, which would be insulting. ”

Thanks friend.

So before we can go any step further,
we have to love ourselves first, appreciate our life,
because sometimes others just don’t know how to.

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Calvin said...

Yes, we live our own lives. You live your life the way you want it to be and not by meeting someone else's expectation. But of course, live it legally and morally without harming anyone in the process.