office politics, enough already

If you read one of my last posts, you see, I have had a little bit of challenge in the office.

It feels good to be the right person, and have the bosses to be on my side, and have it clear that the wrong person is wrong. And to be supported by these bosses as they award you worthy projects to work on.


But at the same time, I feel the ill-feeling.
There is no good continuing this drama and just because of it, I feel there is no joy, no fresh air in the office.

I can’t be like the person yesterday; making an icy cold face to the person that I don’t like.
I brought myself up that way in high school, and I have changed, and I shouldn’t go backwards, should I?

So I forgave myself, forgave anyone involved, and forgave the situation.

Today, my virtue is excellence in the IT department as a team.
I want people to see our team as the best division in the company.

Little dramas, chuck them away already.
After all, why use most of my life to destruct instead of construct?
To excel.

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