what is the purpose of writing?

I am currently following a blog which is written by a cell inmate. Her stories in prison are interesting and something for me to think about life, and I have to admit that I finished reading her entire journal from the first to the last, in just one day. Looking forward for her next post soon. You can check it out, at the top of list of the sites I visit (at the side bar of this blog).

I am inspired on that- the ability to write something interesting, make people follow my posts from beginning til the end.

I do not wish to write in a manner which is too lengthy and too scientific, to the extent that my ramblings would sound like a thesis. Neither do I want to serve as a clown and post funny cranky jokes throughout my life. I just want to make it plain, and in the end of it, writing has to have a purpose.

Perhaps, I can align my writing with my life’s purpose-

To have myself and other souls believe that each of us can have joy and achieve success in our lives.

Yeah, I can start from there.

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