my current life, in point form

Expecting kindness or love in return will only leave you feel frustrated. Take a chill pill, do not expect too much. Be more productive by seeing how we can contribute instead. Life is short.

I have to admit that my life is in the low key right now. I have lost that momentum. In fact, maybe I can consider myself as being lost in life. Whatever it is, I am still responsible in my role as a photographer and designer, and I am still working hard at the gym to gain 5kg of body mass. I have also started to attend orchestra rehearsals at the National Theater.

I am seeing someone right now. Things went on quite well. It is very sweet for a person to give you a very expensive gift on your special day, but not as sweet as how a person can go everywhere searching for the closest McDonalds and buy you the exact burger that you want, at the middle of the night, and bring it to you, after a long night of photography assignment.

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, in real life, is amazing. Standing beside her husband, she could bring out the image of royalty and class in her being. Even while I am preparing to snap a shot of her, she could stride out a pose, while looking somewhere else, but still aware that all eyes and lens are aimed towards her.

With the founder of Broadway Academy Asia

I am happy to get to take a close up shot of her. I hope that I will have the chance to talk with her and share our thoughts on music and performing arts.

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