first few words of my 30th birthday

I’ve reached the age of “3 series”, that’s what Malaysians would say.
At this point, I am quite immersed into the pile of work at the office, getting back to practice to repair my trumpet skills, hanging out with my new dear-dear doing so much activities, working out so diligently at the gym, once a while stayed at my parents’ wrapping one or two door gifts for my sister’s wedding, and if I look at my schedule, it is getting busier and scarier all the time.

Elected as the photographer and second graphic designer for the coming Dreamgirls Broadway Musical Sensation which is to be staged at the national theater, I could foresee a chaotic fast-paced life ahead. Thousands of photos to take and edit. Burning the late night oil to squeeze ideas and materialize them on my HP Compaq to create the brochures, program book and photo book. Deadlines that make us almost die. A rollercoaster that not all of us have the privilege to be a part of making a huge project a success. Oh dear.

I am also now having one trumpet student to worry about, aware that he is much better than me in relative of years of playing picking up the trumpet. On my third year playing, my playing still sounds coarse, struggling, and wrong embouchure. On my student’s third year playing (which is the current year), he could play the scales until high F key effortlessly. And it seemed that the etudes that I throw in front of him is playable to him with no qualms or cringes at all. And the etudes are not for beginners, they are MY own collection of studies that I practice all the time. Plus, my student has an Arban book. The trumpet bible for professionals. What?!

And mentioning the trumpet, I’ve also created quite a significant possibility for myself- that is to be a soloist in the orchestra. This means a lot of practices to get back on the gang of good trumpeters, as I have been noticeably slacked out and it showed during the last Jazz Band performance for the Broadway Academy Talent Program.

No big success comes easy. It needs hard work.

And of course the main list of possibilities that I have created in my life for this year:

Being a RM6k worthy of IT personnel
Being fit & hot and maintaining 18 year old health status
Producing professional photography & graphic design
Being a soloist orchestra trumpeter

Yes, I am going to be very busy this year.