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A person with Asperger syndrome has extra capabilities on calculating, strategizing, doing mapping on logical subjects. However he has lower ability when it comes to affection, emotions, and human touch. When he is angry, he will simply hit the other, or if the other touches him, he will hit them too.

When things are not logical or not happening in order, ie: layout of house not according to map, or classes do not happen according to timetable, or people not telling the facts or the truth, he will fall sick, and vomit, because it is “not logical”.

He finds it difficult to channel his emotions to actions like crying, laughing or such. He would either keep quiet, groan, vomit or hit people.

The above is just my own understanding on these people, after reading “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”. A dog got killed and a boy with Asperger tried to solve the mystery.

If a person with Aperger’s syndrome relies on the truth and the FACTS,

Below is something different-
I am writing below not based on facts but what I feel.
So bear with me. This is just a ranting to clear my chest off.

I am not really in an empowered mode right now.

My whole IT department, has the probability of 90% to be outsourced by the company. Well, in other words, we ARE going to be outsourced, and “90% possibility” is just a lame hope created by my own mind, clinging on the 10% possibility that it’s not going to happen.

On the bright side, we will be entering a whole new IT outsourcing company with an opportunity to learn and what not. But I can’t lie to myself that the whole department is upset, given up, whatever.

On the other hand,

I realized that I am no longer needed for graphic design in another company. Well, I have always known that the company now is flourishing and they have already employed a very good in-house designer, but only yesterday it dawned on me that my time is done.

I was really upset, but of course, they have logical and business reasons and they need to protect their interests.

Maybe it’s time for me to keep myself on the ground, aware that I am an outsider and I am not the hired graphic designer. I have to know my place.

All these challenges are the beginning of a scary adventure for me.

I looked at things that I have pasted on the wall of my cubicle. The theater promotional postcard that I designed using my own hands, which they have already altered accordingly, for the future performance. The pictures of celebrities, and some with me in those photos.

Yesterday’s achievement is today’s ego trip.

Time to put them all down.

Time to move on for a new adventure.

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